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WEN 4208 8 Inch Drill Press Unboxing

WEN 4208 8 Inch Drill Press Unboxing

In this post we are going to be unboxing the WEN 4208 8 inch Drill Press. This is a great entry level machine that is super easy to get setup and ready for work. Down below I'd like to provide some insight into why you might actually want to consider adding this tool to your shop.

Five Uses of a Drill Press

1. Cutting Mortises

You have a couple of options when your cutting a mortise: A mortising machine, which is expensive; a plunge router, which can be unruly for this purpose; or a drill press. If your on a limited budget a drill press is a great option.

2. Consistent Repeatable Cuts

Whether you are cutting holes for dowels or quickly pre-drilling a project a drill press enables you to produce holes that are at perfect 90 degree angles at a consistent depth. Try installing dowels with just a hand drill and you'll quickly realize not only how difficult a perfect 90 degree angle is - but also how frustrating being off by 1 degree can be.

3. DIY Drum Sander

One of the more interesting uses is converting your drill press into a makeshift drum sander. Pick up something like Peachtree's 3" x 6" sanding drum and all of the sudden your drill press is a drill pressander.

4. Cutting Large Holes

If you need a 6 inch hole in a project, your options for getting it done are limited. Perhaps, you could use a jigsaw but no matter how steady handed you are your circle is not going to be perfect. I drill press + a $15 hole cutter attachment makes cutting a perfect 6" hole quick and easy.

5. Accurate Angled Holes

While most projects don't call for an angled hole of any kind, when you need to cut them a drill press is a necessity. Some presses come with an adjustable table, but for those that don't creating an angle jig for a drill press is a simple enough task.

What's In the Video

See everything that I see as I unpack and assemble the WEN 4208. Putting the machine together was a simple task - start to finish was ~15 minutes.

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